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    The Cocoon Portable carries the functionality and concept (Cocoon Home).


    The Cocoon Portable carries the full functionality and concept of its bigger sibling (Cocoon Home). But designed for indoor and outdoor use alike, we understood it needed some extra smart features to make it your ideal sound companion everywhere and every time.
    The built-in rechargeable battery for instance allows for up to 5 hours of independent use The cabinet is constructed out of one single piece, resulting in an utterly robust and solid construction. The convenient handle in the back makes it easy to take it along, and the remote control can be stowed away in a separate repository.
    Anything more you would wish for? We’re sure you’ll fi nd it in the feature list. Happy Outdoors, everybody!

    Wireless Music Streaming

    Lets you play the music you have stored on your iOS or Android wirelessly on the Cocoon

    Internet Radio integrated

    Allows you to store 3 of your favorite radio stations in the Cocoon so you always have something to listen to

    Easy setup

    With NetLink you can integrate the Cocoon into your wireless home network without any hassle

    Integrated carrying handle and battery

    Take your Cocoon Portable along and play your music for 5 hours, anywhere you want




    • Robust dock for iPod touch and iPhone with flexible connector for long lasting dock ability
    • Built-in rechargeable battery for portable music enjoyment (5 hours)
    • AirPlay allows wireless music streaming from any iOS device or PC/Mac running iTunes. Simply connect your iOS device or PC/Mac to your wireless home network and you can stream music directly to the Cocoon.
    • Integrated carrying handle for use 'on the move'
    • Repository for remote control; keep the remote in a safe place when not in use
    • Retractable dock-tray with display, hide when not needed while remaining in full control
    • Touch sensitive control buttons (illuminated) for dust free convenient operation
    • Wireless music streaming from almost all mobile platforms (iOS, Android)
    • Wired and wireless audio streaming from PC, Mac
    • Music streaming and control across the home network from attached storage devices (NAS)
    • Audio streaming from iOS devices or iTunes; great convenience streaming from your phone or tablet wirelessly to the Cocoon
    • Internet radio built-in with 3 presets; always a source at hand even without your smart phone or tablet around
    • Auxiliary input for system expansion; enjoy maximum sound quality from any external source
    • Powerful Denon sound; room and terrace filling high fidelity music playback
    • Denon technology for intensive music engagement
    • High gloss polished design for superb look and feel
    • Reinforced metal grill and durable construction protects the 'hidden treasures'
    • Monocoque construction ensures rigid speaker cabinet for dust free
    • Free of charge Denon Cocoon App with advanced functionality


    To complete your Cocoon experience, you can
    download the Denon Cocoon App to control
    the wireless music system. It's a pretty and a smart thing.