[ New Product ] Network Music System CEOL

28 09 2012Print

With this single unit, you can enjoy music the way you like, from your iPhone or iPod touch, from the online music service Last.fm(*1) and Internet radio stations, or from your own CDs. You can connect your iPhone or iPod touch via the dock on top of the unit, or you can use AirPlay to play music wirelessly while you hold the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad in your hand. If you are with friends, they can play music through your New CEOL from their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, too. It’s a great way to have fun. You can listen to Internet radio programs as BGM, or you can put on a favorite CD and become totally immersed in the music. The main aim of the New CEOL is to give you a completely enjoyable space to live in.


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